Emid IOT - E-Link


Emid’s E-Link devices supports remote tracking, monitoring and management of most high-value devices, whether networked or standalone, for a wide range of environments.

The E-Link devices are custom built to your specific requirements. It can also be made extremely small.

By making use of the Internet of Things (IoT) inter-networking technology, the uses for E-Link are endless. The solution can be used on multifunction devices, medical devices, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment, power devices, routers, and a myriad of other assets. E-Link will not only allow you to pinpoint the location of assets and equipment, but will also allow you to stay compliant with industry standards, meet service level commitments, keep devices up and running and also perform remote two-way communication between devices.


  • Monitoring of any battery or other-powered unit
  • Various inputs available on monitoring device which include: temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, fuel level, fluid level and many more
  • Remote monitoring available via GSM network or other available networks
  • Customised monitoring solution can include tracking and management features
  • Device developed for:
    • Refrigeration
    • Generators
    • Laboratory environment
    • Fluid levels
    • Server rooms
    • Many more applications


  • Real-time tracking to Internet platform for any battery or other-powered asset
  • Independent device installed inside asset or in enclosure attached to asset
  • Backup battery in the event that asset has no battery or battery is removed or runs flat
  • Various alarms and reports customized to suit requirement
  • Install in most assets, ie:Any mode of transportation
    • Laptops / Notebooks
    • Animals
    • Many more valuable asset


  • Real-time management of any battery or other-powered machines
  • Monitor the status and location of remote devices to improve asset management
  • Remote management of multifunction devices in the field via a web interface
  • Remote acquisition of meter readings, toner levels, and error messages
  • Integrate multifunction devices on remote networks into print management software
  • Manage:
    • Generators
    • Copiers
    • Many more machines that require remote management